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Ejector Design Software - Users include SpaceX

Use Ezejector software as your service for ejector design. Get quick and accurate results to close in on your best alternative! 


Or do you need an ejector design done for you? We can size and specify ejectors for a wide range of applications. Or do a rating for an existing ejector. Go to our Case Design Page.


Your challenge as a process engineer is working out whether an application will work and what the flow rates and conditions are to make it work.

Correlation between Ezejector and installed ejectors.

  The better way


"Before including a compressor or pump in your process design, would you fill in your request, send it to a supplier and then cool you heels waiting for a reply? So don't do this for an ejector."


Avoid the time lost, develop your own solution 


Feedback from users:

"Your software is very well designed and easy to use with plenty of great info."


"Thank you. I found the program very useful indeed!"


"Thank you for all the help!"


"According to program steam flow and sizing seems perfect!"


"I was able to prepare a very successful solution!  


EZEJECTOR is a computer model for gas ejector and steam ejector design that has been developed based on a unique approach using fundamental principles.


 The ejector computer model includes the following:

  • Thermodynamic models, Continuity equations

  • Equations for geometric arrangement

  • Efficiencies of each step within the ejector based on correlations


The inputs to the program are:

  • Motive gas flow rate, pressure, temperature and properties (molecular weight, Cp/Cv)

  • Entrained gas properties (molecular weight, Cp/Cv), pressure and temperature

  • The ratio of entrained gas flow rate to motive gas flow rate (entrainment mass ratio)                 

The model has been tested extensively and is easy to use. Results compare favourably with actual ejector installations, see graph to the left.

For further services, please Contact and get a quick response, advice and the applicable demo program.

Clients include SpaceX, Notre Dame University Turbomachinery Laboratory, Hatch, Primetals, Veolia, VTT Technical Research  Centre of Finland Ltd, Horizon Fuel Cell Technology, LG Fuel Cells, Oteker, Biyoner (Aerospace), Broeker Engineering, Roketsan (Aerospace), Aalborg University, Heumann Environmental.

Program Inputs
Program Results
Ejector Efficiencies
Multi Stage Ejector

This website offers the following:

Ejector Design Software to do conceptual design and generate ejector sizes

The ejector design principles used in the ejector calculations for the program are explained including the ejector energy balance and effects of the ejector flow cones.

Free demo programs for a short time  are offered to let you see how the ejector program works - they are not intended for your design work.

The actual ejector designs can also be done for you based on the information supplied and your requirements.

The Blog includes discussions of ejector efficiency and multi stage ejectors for vacuum systems.

The many uses of ejectors are also described - ejectors are everywhere.

Programs are available for steam ejectors where steam is the motive fluid, gas ejectors where gas is the motive fluid, liquid ejectors and gas subsonic ejectors where gas velocities are relatively low.

Many uses of ejectors
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