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Multi stage steam ejectors  (Multi stage gas ejectors also available)

Ezejector now offers a program for design of multi stage steam ejectors. Contact us if you are interested in this software.


See below an example of design development. The overall compression ratio required is approximately 55:1. As a first estimate, a five stage ejector is assumed.


First, equal steam flow rate is assumed to each stage. As can be seen below, the total steam required is 500 kg/hr.

Inputs to multi stage steam ejector program
Results from multi stage steam ejector program

The steam flow rate to each stage is varied to see if there is a benefit. As can be seen below there is no significant change.

Now, the number of stages is reduced to four, to see if steam flow can be reduced. However it increases to 580 kg/hr, thus five stages appears be a good design for minimizing steam usage.

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