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Frequently Asked Questions

Which applications does Ezejector provide software for?
  •   Steam ejector design
  •   Gas ejector design
  •   Subsonic ejector design
  •   Gas / liquid ejector design
  •   Gas / liquid ejector design
Which applications have customers used Ezejector software for?
  •   Steam ejectors design
  •   Steam ejector troubleshooting
  •   Ejectors for hydrogen fuel cells
  •   CO2 ejectors
  •   Air conditioning systems
  •   Wind tunnel design
  •   Air / liquid eductors
  •   Pneumatic transfer
What is the main difference between steam ejectors and gas ejectors?
Significant amounts of steam condense in ejectors, typically much less or none in gas ejectors. This impacts geometry and performance. Slightly superheated steam is often used to prevent condensation in the motive steam nozzle.
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