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Subsonic Ejector Program

Supersonic is awesome! But Subsonic is in demand.


After requests by users, software is now available for subsonic ejectors.


The approach to the energy balance is essentially the same as for a supersonic ejector with following differences:

  • Motive gas is not supersonic thus mixing with the entrained gas is not delayed to allow the motive gas to expand after the nozzle

  • Entrained gas does not have to be accelerated to sonic velocity in order to mix with supersonic motive gas. Thus ratio of entrained pressure to ejector throat pressure is moderate i.e. <1.05:1 compared to approximately 1.85:1 required for supersonic ejector. The pressure ratio for air conditioning systems is even lower.

  • The overall efficiency is higher

Case Study - Subsonic Air/Air Ejector for Air Conditioning System

Progarm Results
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