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Case Design

Maybe you need the design for an application but do not want to do it yourself? 

We can provide a design service for you. This will be completely confidential.

Send us an enquiry at

Or fill in the sheet at Download Customer Information Sheet and e-mail this to us.


Mechanical Vapour Recompression

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Anode Recycle

Liquid Gas Eductors

Liquid Liquid Ejectors

Air Conditioning Systems

Space Propulsion

Vacuum Systems - Steam Turbines, Distillations, Jet Engines, Space Applications Testing

Case Study - Optimisation of multi stage ejector system for vacuum control of Deodoriser. Included absorption chiller for steam inter-condensers.  Large steam savings achieved.

Case Study - A confidential client uses Ezejector software to evaluate different ideas in research projects where they compress gases such as bio-gas with steam or other gases. They are interested in the pressure increase and how much gas is needed,  to calculated whether it will be techno-economically feasible and what the benefit are compared to using compressors.

Case Study - Design of Hydrogen Ejector For Customer


Case Design - Evaluation of CO2 Ejector Feasibility for Customer

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