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Design the ejector sizes                                Users of Ezejector incude SpaceX

Use the Ezejector program to simulate your ejector.

  • Calculate key sizes

  • Adust your design point for best performance

  • Contact Ezejector 

See screenshots below.

Ejector program user interface

Case Study - A confidential client uses Ezejector software to evaluate different ideas in research projects where they compress gases such as bio-gas with steam or other gases. They are interested in the pressure increase and how much gas is needed,  to calculated whether it will be techno-economically feasible and what the benefit are compared to using compressors,

Case Study - Liquid Gas Eductor

Design by Customer using Ezejector Program

Volume flow ratio of gas to water 50:1

Comment by Customer: "I have fabricated the eductor and it is a big success!"

Case Study -Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Ejector for hydrogen fuel cell anode recycle - "The ejector works!"

Want to know more? Contact


This is a Visual Basic program with Interactive forms.
Transmitted as XXX.jpg to allow electronic transmission. Please convert toXXX.exe for use.
The USER CODE will be supplied to you separately and must be entered every time you run the program. Please understand that this program is for your use only and prevent access by any outside party.
The license is provided for XX months.

The inputs required are shown in the table below.













    In the updated revision of the software, flow rate input units should be selected as either kg/hr or Nm3/hr.

The key results and supplementary results are shown below.
















The nozzle and mixing section diameter are calculated. Please note the following relationships:
-    Motive nozzle diameter is a function of motive gas flow rate, pressure, temperature & molecular weight. 
-    Mixing section diameter is a function of the preceding and entrained gas flow rate, pressure, temperature & molecular weight.
-    The program calculates the best nozzle and mixing diameters based for the input values. If for example the entrained gas flow rate is changed, the mixing diameter will also change – which will have some impact on the discharge pressure. Thus the results in the tables above for different gas flow rates, pressures or temperatures do not represent the performance of a specific ejector.
-    Therefore ejector curves at fixed ejector geometry are calculated at the design discharge pressure and an increased discharge pressure (see 3.2). These are more indicative of the response of a specific ejector to changes in inputs.

The motive gas Mach No is provided for information. Convergence percent (normally >99%) is supplied to confirm that the program has run successfully. Where the compression ratio is high, it may be be more efficient to use more than one ejector stage.The overall ejector efficiency is calculated. Note that efficiency is low for an ejector. Typical values will depend on the motive gas pressure and the entrainment ratio. Contact Ezejector for more information.


The Ezejector results include a graph showing how the entrained gas flow rate will (see below) change depending on the entrained gas pressure, for at fixed discharge pressure.This allows you to estimate the impact of entrained gas flow rate on the suction pressure.The program inclues a feature to evaluate the impact of increased back pressure. 
































Preliminary dimensions can be viewed – see below. These are based on standard assumptions for angles and ratio

and may not be identical to your actual installed units.

      Ezejector programs includes the following:
-    Thermodynamic and fluid dynamic equations
-    Calculation algorithms
-    Engineering factors i.e. efficiencies, based on normal practice and calibration versus installed ejectors. If anything,      slightly conservative values have been used.
     Feedback and suggestions will be gratefully received.

     We appreciate that Customers often purchase this software to help with trouble shooting of a specific ejector  

     problem or to determine whether an application is feasible. 

     Therefore we are happy to provide consultancy services if required.

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